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Sell Side Investment Banking

IndustryPro introduces business owners to debt or equity investors that fund business acquisitions, divestitures, owner dividends, expansions and employee buy-outs. Our merger and acquisition advisors provide global coverage while focusing on target industries. When we work with owners, our remuneration results from closing deals; we do not rely upon large retainers or up-front fees to fund ongoing operations.

M&A advisory firms usually begin researching only after obtaining a client. IndustryPro researches and identifies ideal investors prior to contacting a business owner. If timing is not right at initial contact we maintain contact with owners while updating our investor database. When owners decide the time is right, IndustryPro has already qualified the investors. Our process requires more effort before receiving a mandate but when investment time arrives we already have the most suitable investors lined up. Our business model yields the best value in the shortest time. As a result of our preparation, IndustryPro avoids long, drawn-out searches and low-probability introductions which consume valuable business resources and expose companies to damaging rumors and confidentiality breaches.

“I am extremely impressed with IndustryPro’s associations and professionalism, and their staying fully engaged from start to finish. I highly recommend IndustryPro.”

-Scott Peterson, Co-owner of Best Vinyl


IndustryPro continually monitors the activities and interests of all its private equity clients, maintaining the ability to match businesses with investors most likely to close the deal.


IndustryPro has pre-negotiated fee agreements with over 25 equity funds, many with US as well as overseas offices. The funds represent a wide range of industry interest and investment abilities.


IndustryPro has 20 years of experience, having sourced companies in a dozen countries and 4 continents. As deals are evaluated and closed, IndustryPro guides those involved in the process to ensure a smooth transition.


IndustryPro’s fees often come from the investment side and are shared generously with its finders and partners, making cooperation with IndustryPro more profitable than direct approach to private equity groups.

Recent Transactions

IndustryPro has closed several hundred million dollars in transactions since our founding in 1991. See our successful transactions, totaling over $1 Billion in transaction value.

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